Try These Tips to Boost Your Interview Success

Try These Tips to Boost Your Interview Success

Interviewing with a new company can be exciting, and you certainly want to make sure you do the best job possible. When we have people come in to interview for MAG-City Marketing positons, we notice that certain candidates do significantly better than others because they’re well prepared. In addition to preparation, here are a few more tips to help you boost your success rate:

• Get in the Right Mind-Set: Figure out what you need to do to interview well. You may need to give yourself a pep talk to remind yourself how qualified you are for the positon. Perhaps you benefit from a little meditation before walking in so that you’re calm, collected, and polished. Remember that the person interviewing you is hoping to be impressed and is going to assume you’re a good match.

• Break the Ice: Be prepared for small talk. In addition to the weather, be aware of the latest sports games and news so that you can choose an appropriate topic or respond to whatever topic the interviewer chooses. MAG-City Marketing interviewers are always impressed by someone who knows what’s going on in the world around them.

• Be Aware of Your Body Language: Your body language should mirror that of your interviewer. So if they’re excitedly leaning toward you, you want to do the same. People respond well to mirroring, so pay attention to the signals people are sending and respond similarly.

You’re sure to do a good job interviewing if you take the time to prepare well. Just relax and remind yourself that the hiring manager is hoping you’ll be a good fit. We share more interviewing tips on the MAG-City Marketing Newswire feed, so be sure to subscribe and follow us there.