Simple Ways to Ensure Effective Charitable Giving

Simple Ways to Ensure Effective Charitable Giving

We’ve made supporting good causes a core MAG-City Marketing principle. Not only does giving back bring a rewarding feeling, it also helps us strengthen team morale. Here are a few key strategies we apply to make sure our giveback efforts are as effective as they can be:

• Finding the Right Causes: We want every cause we support to resonate with our team members, so we survey them to find out where their charitable passions lie. From there, we study nonprofits through resources such as Charity Navigator to learn as much as we can about how our contributions will impact people in need.

• Varying Efforts: Organizing different types of giving events is a great way to keep people engaged in philanthropic endeavors. Members of Team MAG-City Marketing take part in all kinds of fundraising events throughout the year. Donation drives within the office are also great for shaking things up while making a positive impact in the community.

• Promoting Giveback Events: We’ve also found that promoting our charitable efforts through social media and our company website helps build our public profile. Although it’s not the main reason we give back, the positive PR that comes with doing so attracts customers to our firm and the brands we serve.

We keep these concepts in mind as we continue to build our commitment to social impact. Check out the MAG-City Marketing Newswire to keep up with all our giving pursuits.