Simple, Successful Body Language Tips

Simple, Successful Body Language Tips

Nonverbal communication is a key element of long-term success in just about any realm of professional life. When we’re interacting with customers, colleagues, or potential MAG-City Marketing contacts, we keep the following body language concepts in mind.

Sincere smiles are simple ways to build rapport with all types of business contacts. Nothing puts another person at ease quite like a warm smile, especially in a crowded networking event or some other big industry gathering. We don’t overdo it, but we do offer a genuine smile to every new person we meet when building our networks.

Powerful posture also helps us in our MAG-City Marketing endeavors. This is especially true when we speak in front of large crowds, because the right pose can help us calm ourselves before we step onto the stage. By standing straight and tall with our arms outstretched, we achieve quick confidence boosts that carry through our presentations.

We use hand gestures to emphasize key points, both when we’re at the podium and when we’re interacting in more personal contexts. These movements have been shown to increase comprehension in listeners, so we make sure each gesture has a real purpose. Doing so helps our points stick in people’s minds.

These concepts help us in every phase of our career journeys. You can find more of our best tips for sustaining success by following MAG-City Marketing on Twitter.