PRESS RELEASE: MAG-City Marketing Top Performers Enjoy Rewarding Conference

PRESS RELEASE: MAG-City Marketing Top Performers Enjoy Rewarding Conference

HOUSTON, TX – MAG-City Marketing’s President detailed a recent conference attended by three of the firm’s outstanding team members. She also highlighted a few effective strategies for adding helpful contacts at big industry events.

Summer is typically a busy travel season for members of Team MAG-City Marketing. This year is no exception, with July offering an especially rewarding excursion for the firm’s top performers. Mikea, the company’s President, explained, “On July 29, three of our outstanding brand experts had the chance to go to Newport Beach, California for a conference and a little R&R. The trip was an amazing opportunity to connect with top leaders in a relaxed setting. Those who showed dedication, strong leadership skills, and positive attitudes were chosen to attend the conference.”

Travel incentives are sources of inspiration for the firm’s brand experts. Mikea added, “Our team thrives on friendly competition. When there’s a great travel opportunity up for grabs, our people bring out the best in each other as they strive to qualify. The best part is that those who earn the right to attend a given event always share what they learned when they return to the MAG-City Marketing office.”

The Newport Beach conference was just the latest chance for the firm’s team members to sharpen their networking skills as they accelerate their professional growth. “We make the most of every opportunity to network with influential leaders from our industry,” Mikea remarked. “During the many industry gatherings our brand experts attend, they hone their people skills and gain the knowledge they need to move to the next levels of their careers.”

MAG-City Marketing’s President Offers Advice for Networking at Industry Functions

“We make a point of assisting each of our team members in nurturing his or her network,” Mikea commented. “Before they travel to any industry gathering, I share a few key reminders to help our people navigate the networking waters. My first piece of advice is to set some realistic goals before heading out to any event. Coming back home with three or four genuine connections is a solid objective, and it certainly beats a big stack of business cards.”

Asking open-ended questions is another key networking tip the firm’s President offers before every MAG-City Marketing travel event. She explained, “It’s always a good idea to let people talk about themselves in a networking situation. I advise our team members to listen much more than they speak at industry functions, knowing they’ll be remembered in positive lights if they do so. Posing open-ended queries to potential contacts is the best way to lock in on common ground and forge meaningful bonds.”

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