PRESS RELEASE: MAG-City Marketing to Take Advantage of Holiday Party Travel

PRESS RELEASE: MAG-City Marketing to Take Advantage of Holiday Party Travel

HOUSTON, TX – MAG-City Marketing team members were able to celebrate the end of the year with an annual holiday party. They also gave back by donating toys to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Mikea, the company President, indicated that the MAG-City Marketing team has accomplished a lot during 2017. She stated that they have a lot to be proud of and even more to look forward to next year. So, they were able to celebrate the holiday season together with a Christmas party. Mikea asserted that it was a fun bonding experience for the whole group.

“All our team members attended,” she stated. “Additionally, many brought friends, family, and loved ones for a night of fun and bonding. In addition to dinner and socializing, there were raffles to reward our people for all their hard work. We’ll also hosted an award ceremony to recognize our top performers and greatest achievements from the year.”

During the holiday party, MAG-City Marketing’s team members were collecting toys from the guests, Mikea added. These will be donated to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This organization is a leader in the field of researching and treating childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Mikea and her team members hope to make the holidays a little easier for the families working with St. Jude.

“It is a small way to do something positive in the name of philanthropy,” she explained. “The families with children treated by St. Jude are in unimaginable situations. If we can make that experience just a little bit easier for a few families, we’re happy to do so.”

MAG-City Marketing’s President Discussed the Value of Travel and Get-Togethers

According to Mikea, the MAG-City Marketing holiday party is about more than just celebrating the end of the year. It is a chance for her people to travel and share a fun bonding experience with each other.

“Success in our field is all about people,” she indicated. “We need a team that can work well and be innovative. Travel to events like this accomplishes both of those objectives. The shared experience is a chance for people to bond and learn to trust each other. Additionally, shaking up the routine and visiting somewhere new is inspiring. It is a great way to fuel creativity.”

Of course, traveling to a party is all the better. “Travel can just be great for team morale. Getting out of the office to have a holiday celebration is a pretty wonderful way to conclude 2017,” Mikea concluded.

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