PRESS RELEASE: MAG-City Marketing on Philanthropy in the Community

PRESS RELEASE: MAG-City Marketing on Philanthropy in the Community

HOUSTON, TX – The Director of MAG-City Marketing detailed the team’s latest philanthropic activities. She also described how community giving contributes to the team-building process and the path to advancement within the company.

“We care deeply about the Houston region,” said Mikea, the Director of Operations for MAG-City Marketing. “This area is the foundation of our success, and the least we can do is return the support in every way possible.  Although we contribute to charities throughout the year, we really increased our efforts due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.”

Mikea said that the MAG-City Marketing team has been doing some internal fundraising for the victims of the natural disaster. They have donated clothing and school supplies to different shelters, and are eager to continue their community support by giving back to those in need. Furthermore, any company proceeds to those affected by Hurricane Harvey will be given to the J.J. Watt Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

MAG-City Marketing Owner Elaborates on the Factors That Contribute to Professional Advancement

“We employ a wide range of strategies to propel the professional growth of our people,” said Mikea. “In addition to the positive social impact of our philanthropy, giving back is one way to build up our people – as a team and as individuals. The mere experience of making a difference together brings our team members closer. The bonding that results resonates throughout the MAG-City Marketing headquarters in the form of enhanced collaboration, heightened morale, and increased motivation.”

According to Mikea, boosted motivation inspires people to work harder. The better the performance, the better the outcomes. Promotion within the company is based on merit so the associates know that impressive outcomes will further their advancement. They then feel even more inspired and empowered. The process is cyclical, with favorable results every time.

“In terms of boosted morale, we associate community giving with higher retention,” Mikea continued. “It feels good to spark positive change in people’s lives. It only makes sense for our people to feel happier after every philanthropic effort. Happy professionals stay engaged. That leads to high retention rates for us. Everyone wins.”

“We will continue to support the Houston area throughout the recovery process and beyond,” Mikea concluded. “This community is vivacious, and I have no doubt that we will bounce back stronger than ever. In the process, our people will thrive personally and professionally. Our company will remain a committed community leader as well.”

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