Planning a Team Retreat: MAG-City Marketing’s Advice

Planning a Team Retreat: MAG-City Marketing’s Advice

Mapping out a getaway for your team can be stressful if you don’t have a solid strategy. MAG-City Marketing shares solid ways to plan ahead for your next company retreat. Follow these instructions for a stress-free trip.

Allow sufficient time. MAG-City Marketing’s executives are veterans in the art of time management. The most successful company ventures give an ample amount of time to business discussions, but also allow for downtime. Forming activities that encourage team building must be just as important as meetings and lectures. Don’t short-change opportunities for your team to bond.

Don’t over-engineer it. MAG-City Marketing’s leaders know that most company retreats are opportunities to impart knowledge and learn new skills. The best teachers know that basic structures are needed, but you inhibit learning when you micromanage every moment. Create some breathing room. This will let your team members adequately absorb all the wonderful information that is being given.

Use a professional. We all like to think we are the best at everything. When planning a company getaway, however, consider hiring a professional motivator who will speak to your team from a new perspective. You may be surprised that you learn something new yourself. MAG-City Marketing’s leaders never assume they have the best training in every area.

Use these suggestions to plan your next company retreat and make a big impact on your team.