Perfect Your Presentation With This Strategy

Perfect Your Presentation With This Strategy

Very rarely in life do we come across a figurative (or literal, for that matter) silver bullet – an idea that, if implemented, will help us overcome any and all challenges we’re facing in a particular area. However, believe it or not, there is a silver bullet for public speaking that we share in our MAG-City Marketing training program.

When preparing for a MAG-City Marketing presentation, we record ourselves. Audio is fine if that’s all we have, but the best option is both audio and video. Once we set up the camera and find a place where we won’t be disturbed, we record the whole talk. The benefits to this technique are two-fold:

We Practice the Entire Presentation: Especially for speeches over 10 minutes long, the thought of practicing it all can be intimidating. Practicing in chunks, though, doesn’t help us work through the transitions or see where the lulls might be. This is also the best way to see if the separate sections of the speech are balanced. We don’t want our intro to be far longer than our body or conclusion.

We’re Immediately Aware of Opportunities for Improvement: Watching ourselves on video creates an instant feedback loop that allows us to make changes to our presentation just as soon as we’re done practicing. What’s more, the camera is objective; we may not notice how many, “umms,” or, “likes,” we use, but we’ll certainly find out.

There is no better way to improve your speech than by recording it first. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook