How to Nurture a Thriving Organization

How to Nurture a Thriving Organization

Team building is not simply a matter of hiring individuals who are qualified to fill certain roles. Although it’s important to find capable people, it is perhaps more essential to find those who will contribute positively to your company’s culture. This is the reason we place such a heavy emphasis on values in the MAG-City Marketing hiring process. These are some of the qualities we look for in candidates:

• Entrepreneurial: Our people should be business-minded. They are focused on growth and the fulfillment of a mission.

• Productive: We work hard, and we work smart. While exercising our talents, we adopt processes that allow for utmost efficiency.

• Holistic: Team MAG-City Marketing is diverse. We look for people who keep their eyes on long-term goals. We also want those who are vigilant about the small yet important details of our work.

• People-Oriented: Our industry is all about relationships, so our team members must be passionate about interacting with others.

During MAG-City Marketing interviews, we ask candidates to tell us what ignites their passions. Their abilities to present to us show us how personable they are. Their eagerness to discuss things that are meaningful to them shows that they are in some way entrepreneurial. Their knowledge of the subject matter tells us whether they are holistic. Learning about how they’ve engaged with such matters in the past gives us glimpses into their productivity. It’s a bonus that we learn specifically what motivates them.