Mentally Strong Leadership Habits

Mentally Strong Leadership Habits

As we work to refine our leadership skills around the MAG-City Marketing office, we keep a narrow focus on mental toughness. Here are a few of the practices we’ve learned from studying successful managers with determined mind-sets:

” Putting High Value on Time: This goes for both ourselves and for others, because we know how precious a commodity time is for busy people. Along with making time for others, we also set boundaries so that we have plenty of flexibility throughout each workday. We carve out a few minutes here and there for checking email and other potentially distracting tasks. By doing so, we have more time for pressing projects and urgent requests.

” Creating Clear Visions: The best managers are also adept at formulating clear visions of future success. By homing in on views of what success will look like, top-flight leaders keep their team members inspired to perform at their best. It’s easier to overcome obstacles if you have a clear picture of success in mind.

” Leading by Example: This is something we’ve always emphasized in our MAG-City Marketing training program. Backing up words with focused actions is perhaps the best way to set an example for others. It also builds authority in a way few other behaviors can.

These are a few of the areas we’re concentrating on as we advance our leadership growth. Follow MAG-City Marketing on Twitter for more of our best management insights.