The Many Ways We Build Our Networks

The Many Ways We Build Our Networks

Networking is an ongoing process for members of Team MAG-City Marketing. We encourage our people to add meaningful contacts in a variety of ways. Mikea, our firm’s President, explained, “From philanthropic activities to social events, we offer plenty of avenues for our people to meet influential leaders. There’s no shortage of opportunities to develop networks of business leaders and industry experts.”

Every time our people add to their contact lists, they gain another source of helpful advice. Mikea remarked, “Through these network relationships, our brand experts receive support, resources, and confidence that helps them grow exponentially in their careers. As they share their own insights with new contacts, our people become more self-assured in their own abilities to sustain success.”

To make the most of each networking event, Mikea shares a few simple reminders with MAG-City Marketing team members. She commented, “One of the most important things to remember is that you’re there to forge meaningful bonds. It’s not about making a strong pitch right off the bat; it’s more a matter of keeping things informal and light. After you’ve found some common ground, it’s easier to offer your assistance on a work project.”

Mikea also encourages her brand experts to share their passion for what they do. “Discussing what you really enjoy about the work you do is a great way to get an interaction off to a productive start. You’ll be remembered in a positive light if you show enthusiasm for your work.”

Our team continues adding value to their contact lists. Find more of our best networking tips by following MAG-City Marketing on Twitter.