Learning Quickly on the Job

Learning Quickly on the Job

We’re big proponents of learning on the job here at MAG-City Marketing HQ. Through our experiences, we’ve found that some of the most valuable lessons don’t take very long to learn. In as little as 10 minutes, it’s easy to make real progress in the following key areas:

” Mindfulness: This is something we’ve made a top priority around the MAG-City Marketing office. After all, we know that clarifying our mental processes will help us maintain high productivity. Just a few minutes of meditation is all we need to restore our focus and clear out any negative thoughts that might limit our success.

” Being Better Organized: We frequently take time to streamline our to-do lists, knowing a few minutes of housecleaning offers long-lasting benefits. When we figure out which tasks can be completed right away, we start building momentum toward bigger achievements.

” Enhancing Memory: There are many mind-sharpening games and apps available at low to no cost, and we’re always trying new ones around our office. You can often find us comparing notes on these worthwhile diversions, as well as attempting to beat each other’s high scores. We enjoy competing, but we also recognize that our memories and mental approaches will be sharper in the long run.

These important attributes can be honed in as little as 10 minutes. Follow MAG-City Marketing on Twitter to find more of our best tips for learning on the job.