Learning to Delegate Planning

Learning to Delegate Planning

“We love to have a lot of fun in our office and, up until recently, it was all planned by team member Cat,” said MAG-City Marketing Owner Mikea. “To help spread the load, we set up six office committees and Cat is responsible for training and helping the head of each new committee take over the responsibilities.” The new committees include:

• Book Club: Everyone on our team loves to read, so we share both business and fiction works at this regular club.

• Health and Fitness: It’s always easier to reach your personal health goals when you have people around you every day who are supporting you. This club is designed to do exactly that.

• Team Night: We believe team bonding is important, so MAG-City Marketing frequently hosts events for everyone to get together and have some fun.

• Office Competitions: Great office competitions really spur people toward success. With prizes that range from dinner out to small gifts, we bring a little bit of fun competition to the process.

• Philanthropy: Every member on our team likes to give back to the community and this committee is tasked with organizing the best ways for us to make the biggest impact.

• Social Media: It can be fun to learn about and really master the art that is social media marketing. Individuals in this group manage our digital presence.

“Running all these different programs was taking a lot of coordination. Thanks to these new committees, Cat should be able to sit back, provide guidance, and enjoy all the different activities,” said Mikea.

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