Our Latest Team Promotions: An Overview

Our Latest Team Promotions: An Overview

The MAG-City Marketing path to advancement is based on merit. We take ownership of our professional lives, earning promotions as we acquire the abilities necessary to do so. Whenever a colleague advances, we celebrate. Things are especially festive at the moment, because four of our teammates recently transitioned to leadership.

According to Mikea, the Owner of MAG-City Marketing, “Krista, Dimas, Jerry, and Andrea have been doing exceptional work managing events. They don’t wait to be told what to do. Each of them has exceptional student mentality, and treats events like their own businesses.”

The MAG-City Marketing training program teaches us everything we know to rise to leadership. These are some of the most important skills we acquire:

• Networking: We learn that success is best achieved with the support of others. That’s why we often attend gatherings and meet new people. By helping people in any way we can, we set the stage for lasting connections and value.

• Problem Solving: Although no one really likes to struggle, we know that growth comes from challenge. When we’re faced with obstacles, we figure out how to navigate them. Sometimes things don’t work out the first time we try, but we eventually find the right solutions. The lessons we learn in the process stay with us as we address other challenges in the future.

We reach new professional goals every day.