Our Inspiring, Hands-On Training Approach

Our Inspiring, Hands-On Training Approach

We offer hands-on experience to everyone who becomes part of Team MAG-City Marketing, knowing how quickly this builds confidence. Mikea, our firm’s President, explained, “Instead of having to endure mind-numbing manuals and outdated videos, our newest team members engage in meaningful contact with targeted consumers. They also get to work up close with the brands we promote.”

The immersive education we offer teaches our brand managers the best practices in the interactive marketing and consulting industry. We prepare people to thrive by exposing them to every aspect of our MAG-City Marketing operations. By the time they complete their initial training, our team members are equipped for success in a variety of roles.

We also provide our brand experts with coaching to help them find their way in our industry. Mikea added, “Our seasoned team members aren’t shy about sharing the insights they’ve gained through their career journeys. One-to-one guidance breeds confidence in our people. This allows them to build on their unique strengths as they learn the ropes. The end result is a group of motivated pros who achieve consistent wins.”

Our in-depth training system extends far beyond any team member’s first weeks on the job. We retain our top talent because we’re committed to ongoing improvement. Through internal seminars, group training sessions, and travel events, we keep our people on the path to steady career growth.

We put our team members in prime position to reach their highest goals. Learn more about our approach to effective training by liking MAG-City Marketing on Facebook.