It’s a Great Time to Join Our Team

It’s a Great Time to Join Our Team

Our reputation continues to grow, and the MAG-City Marketing portfolio is expanding along with it. That means we need additional talent to help keep reaching our aggressive goals. We’re looking for the ideal fits for our empowering work culture.

Mikea, our firm’s President, stated, “When it comes to the best fits for our team, there are a few key attributes that immediately come to mind. Those who are outgoing, eager to build their skill sets, and super motivated to succeed will feel right at home in the MAG-City Marketing office. Constant improvement is a key part of our company ethos, so anyone who is ready to grow right along with an industry leader should apply.”

If you’re not looking for a typical job, our company is the best place to work. We have a lot of fun, including team outings that can get just plain silly. However, we’re also serious about building our skill sets and creating on-site sales promotions. Our work environment is a good mix of earnest professional development and a spirited team atmosphere that encourages productive teamwork.

Another positive element of working here is the fact that every path to advancement is clearly defined. We know exactly what we need to do to reach the next levels in our careers, which allows us to monitor our progress. By making meaningful improvements along the path to success, we accelerate our career journeys.

We’re excited to find the ideal candidates to join our team. Stay tuned to the MAG-City Marketing Newswire to receive updates on our hiring efforts.