Four Indicators of Promotion-Readiness

Four Indicators of Promotion-Readiness

Though the MAG-City Marketing path to advancement is clear, the possibility of promotion isn’t quite so obvious at other companies. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to position yourself for career growth.

One thing you can do is serve others’ agendas along with your own. As you pursue your goals, help your colleagues hone their skills and lend your own talents as much as possible to help them succeed. Such selflessness is the mark of authentic leadership, and it will not go unnoticed.

Humility is a MAG-City Marketing value. We embrace it because it keeps us aware that we have a lot left to learn. You can practice humility by asking questions, observing others, and accepting help. Such receptiveness demonstrates that you are eager to develop – and subsequently move your career forward.

A positive attitude is another key indicator that you are fit for promotion. People who are optimistic radiate energy. They focus on the best potential outcomes of a situation, and their upbeat mind-sets are contagious.

The ability to act is also a sign of promotion-readiness. It’s important to consider all opportunities and think strategically – if it doesn’t get in the way of actual progress. Show that you can execute plans, and then refine them to ensure optimal outcomes. Your management will be impressed and keep you in mind when it’s time for advancement.

When you are poised for growth, make sure your leaders notice.