Our Favorite Networking Advice

Our Favorite Networking Advice

When it comes to building our MAG-City Marketing contact lists, we’re always looking for ways to improve our effectiveness. There are a few simple strategies we’ve learned through experience that make our contacting efforts successful, and we keep them in mind every time we attend a big industry event.

The first thing we remember when we set out to build our networks is to use positive language. This goes for the words we use and our nonverbal communication. We maintain open posture and make steady eye contact to complement the uplifting language we use to describe the unique value we offer as members of Team MAG-City Marketing.

We’re also careful to listen more than we speak when we’re in a networking context. When we show genuine interest in what potential contacts say, they remember us long after our initial meeting. That’s why we pose plenty of open-ended questions to keep people talking about themselves. As we find common ground, we start thinking about how we can help each other.

Following up with new additions to our networks is also essential. We put as many specific notes into our follow-up messages as possible so that our new connections remember us right off the bat. Regular check-ins after these initial messages ensure that we stay in people’s minds.

These simple strategies have elevated our networking efficiency. Follow MAG-City Marketing on Twitter to receive more of our best tips for adding valuable new contacts.