Examples of Giving Back Fueling Lasting Success

Examples of Giving Back Fueling Lasting Success

Supporting our community has always been central to MAG-City Marketing’s company identity. We want to make a positive impact on our world. Of course, giving back can be a valuable business investment as well. Leaders should be incorporating this win-win scenario into their growth plans. Here are a few examples of giving back leading to further success:

• Open Listings: This company helps buyers in California find homes at affordable prices. The team started supporting organizations that build cost-effective housing in their markets. This has increased the market size for Open Listings and helped many more people buy their homes.

• Jive Communications: One of the greatest benefits of giving for MAG-City Marketing is the people it draws to our team. Jive Communications experienced the same outcome. By increasing their charitable contributions, they found that applicants were more excited to potentially work with their team.

• MNI Targeted Media: When this media planning and buying company started giving more, it had a big effect on the team. People were excited to be doing good with their coworkers. This meant stronger relationships and a more powerful brand.

• DreamsCo: When Marci Nault started a program to help artists and business owners reach their audiences, the effect was huge. It was a great way to bring visibility to other initiatives. When done right, everyone wins through businesses giving back.

These are all great examples of why firms can grow by giving more. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook