How to Enjoy the Necessity of Commuting

How to Enjoy the Necessity of Commuting

Getting to and from the MAG-City Marketing office is a necessity. As with all other aspects of our careers, we approach commuting with positive attitudes. This is what we do to make the most of each ride:

• Listen to Podcasts: Free and accessible, there are countless podcasts that cover every topic imaginable. We listen to shows that discuss business trends, world news, technological advances, bestselling books, and more.

• Read: Speaking of books, those of us who use public transportation spend our time enjoying riveting nonfiction, as well as the insights of the world’s most influential leaders. Those of us who drive get in on the action by way of audiobook.

• Write: Whether we’re putting together MAG-City Marketing presentations or refining our to-do lists, we often use our commute time to write. When we must stay focused on the road, we simply record our thoughts and put them on paper (or screen) later.

• Hold Meetings: Sometimes we use our commutes to get our check-ins and planning meetings out of the way. When we arrive at our desks, we are all on the same page and ready to jump into work.

By incorporating these activities into our routines, we’ve made our commutes more enjoyable and productive.