Marketing: Where
Career Ambitions
Are Fulfilled

Being part of the MAG-City Marketing team pays dividends. We’re on an upward trajectory. Innovative thinkers with positive attitudes are welcome with open arms. Those who bring value to our firm benefit personally as well as professionally.

Our people help us succeed, and we are committed to doing the same for them. Discover how we show them our appreciation for their hard work.

Training With MAG-City

Once they are hired, team members are introduced to the MAG-City Marketing training program. Instead of enduring mind-numbing manuals and educational videos, they engage in contact with brands and targeted consumers. Hands-on experience teaches them all the best practices in the on-site marketing and consulting industry.


Individualized Support

All MAG-City Marketing leaders started at the ground level. That’s how they know what it takes to succeed in our firm. Experience has shaped their abilities, and they are happy to impart their knowledge to help their newest coworkers advance as well. Our promotional specialists thrive as a result of such constructive feedback and endless support.


Team Power

Harmonious teamwork is what makes MAG-City Marketing unique. Our collaborative culture brings us together in pursuit of a common objective. We encourage each individual to pursue his or her goals while nurturing an atmosphere of shared success. When one of us excels, we all do.


Travel Incentives

Many travel opportunities are available to MAG-City Marketing associates who demonstrate their commitment to the success of our firm. Options include regional training, exotic retreats, national conferences, and more – all in the company of great colleagues.


Professional Networking and

From philanthropic activities to social events, we offer plenty of avenues for our people to meet influential leaders. There’s no shortage of opportunities to develop networks of business executives and industry experts. Through such relationships, learning, support, and resources – not to mention confidence – grow exponentially.

MAG-City Marketing
Career Options

Professionals who apply online and join the MAG-City Marketing team find out right away why our firm has come to be recognized as a premier sales and marketing organization.

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