Business Strategies to Help Women Achieve Their Goals

Business Strategies to Help Women Achieve Their Goals

While women have made great strides in recent history, there is still plenty of room for advancement. For instance, only 11 percent of C-suite positions in America are held by women, a number that Team MAG-City Marketing would like to see go up.

In the book “The Influence Effect,” four female business leaders combine insights with original research to show a simple yet profound truth. “Studies show that imitating male behavior doesn’t translate to professional advancement for women. We women do not like unbridled competition, backroom deals, or trading favors. We favor collaboration, inclusion, and win-win outcomes. The distinctive missing link is influence.”

So how do women gain influence in a way that works for them? The authors cover many strategies in detail, like:

Think Bigger: The authors find that even women who appear ambitious by current standards could achieve more if they had more faith in themselves.

Work on Executive Presence: Dressing well is only part of the equation. It also includes good posture, level-headedness, and effective communication skills – all part of our MAG-City Marketing training.

Welcome Feedback: This may come in the form of constructive comments, but it should also include strengths. It’s too easy (and common) for ladies to focus on obstacles without knowing their unique advantages as well.

Far more women have business savvy and leadership talent than the statistics imply. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook