Attending the Quarterly Networking Conference

Attending the Quarterly Networking Conference

Traveling as a team brings many types of positive outcomes. That’s what we’ve learned through our many MAG-City Marketing excursions. Recently, we sent a few select team members to the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas. It was a great way to recognize their dedication to achieving their goals.

There was obviously a lot of networking potential at the conference. After all, it brought together some of the most successful people in our industry. Our team members made valuable new contacts during their time in Dallas, including top leaders and high-achieving peers.

The conference provided hands-on training in a range of techniques to complement the networking opportunities. Mikea, our firm’s President, remarked, “Those who repped MAG-City Marketing at the conference came back home newly inspired to reach their most ambitious career goals. They had the chance to discuss best practices with other successful pros, refining their own approaches in the process.”

There are some underrated benefits that come with traveling to industry events such as the Dallas conference. Mikea commented, “Time management is a key element of getting the most value from a big industry gathering. When they head out to such events, our team members learn to manage their schedules so they don’t miss out on the speeches and sessions they want to catch.”

We’re looking forward to our next big travel opportunity. Stay tuned to the MAG-City Marketing Newswire for updates on our upcoming trips.