Announcing Our Temporary Relocation

Announcing Our Temporary Relocation

Travel plays a big role in MAG-City Marketing life. Although most of our trips take us to exciting conferences and retreats, our latest ventures are a bit different. Houston is our home base, but the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey requires us to temporarily set up shop at other offices.

We are fortunate that we have such strong network connections. Members of Team MAG-City Marketing are traveling to workplaces in Dallas, Austin, Alabama, Seattle, Cincinnati, California and Pensacola (Florida). In doing so, we will keep our firm up and running until we are able to work out of our Houston headquarters again.  We estimate that we will be traveling for about two to four weeks.

Above all else, we are grateful that other offices in our industry are opening their doors and giving us these opportunities. Our time in these various locations are sure to benefit us in ways similar to any other business trip. We expect the following positive outcomes:

• Networking:  We will be working with other ambitious professionals, with whom we can trade unique insights and best practices. These relationships will grow stronger and yield value far into the future.

• Adaptability: A natural disaster and subsequent relocation are sure tests of the ability to face big challenges and learn important lessons in the process.

These are just a few of the areas in which we will improve during our time away from the MAG-City Marketing office.